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Energetic Hypnosis

By peeling off layers of conditioning, beliefs, trauma and fear you will let go. You go through different phases of processing, grief and lots of love. There is an effective cleaning in your body, mind and soul. You awaken your unique authentic true self, who you essentially are so that you can stand for who you are

Energetic cleansing

When the energy flows well in your body, you feel fit and healthy. When there are blockages in your energy field, you may suffer from ailments such as being constantly tired or even experiencing physical pain. By having your energy field cleaned, your chakras can flow better and this ensures a better balance in body, mind and soul. This is good for your overall health.

Cacao Ceremony

Raw cacao is an ancient ultimate heart opener that connects you during ceremonies with yourself, your heart and spirit. Thanks to the power of the plant medicine cacao you can work on your intentions and dreams. You are in the moment in a relaxed state of being. You can get answers and insights to your deepest questions.


Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process (LEAP) is an energetic transmission on the mat. It’s about your own life energy. It is a direct transfer of life energy that activates a deep awakening process within you, also known as Kundalini or Kundalini Shakti awakening. Are you ready for this amazing inner journey of healing yourself from within?


Gain insights into patterns of the past, your own character traits, your relationships, love life, career, successes and obstacles, your soul (mission), contact with deceased people, help with steps for the future through my connection and (tarot) cards .

Human Design

Aren’t we all looking for ourselves? Sometimes you hear people say that this will be a tough journey and that you will first have to get all tied up in order to discover how you want to feel or not. Do you want to know how to live your life with the least resistance? Human Design helps you with that

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