Chakra cleansing

Healing your aura and chakra’s

When the energy flows well in your body, you feel (generally) fit and healthy. However, often physical, large, mental, spiritual and energetic levels can cause the energy as a whole or in certain places to stagnate or not flow properly. When there are blockages in your energy field, you may experience ailments such as continued fatigue or even physical pain. By having your energy field cleaned, you can better flow through the chakras and this ensures a better balance in body, mind and soul. This is good for your entire health. For example, your car goes once a year for a ‘big treatment’, you probably go to the hairdresser, massage, beautician and for our energy field we should do that more often for ourselves.

What is a chakra cleansing?

It’s an energetic cleansing of your chakra and more! Energetic work is done through the energy field (aura) that we have around us. We work with the energy centers, energy channels (chakras and meridians) through which energy flows. Energy is a broad concept because everything consists of visible and ‘invisible’ energy. Energy work allows us to work at a deeper level. There is an energetic cleaning, this cleaning gives vitality to your aura. We also call this a vitality treatment for your energetic energy field.

An energetic cleansing focuses on your own self-healing capacity. Everyone is able to make themselves ‘whole’ again on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic level. I believe that we are already whole and that we can simply become out of balance due to these blockages in the energy system. This could simply be accumulated tension and as soon as this is released so that everything can flow properly again, you can feel balanced again. An energetic cleansing is a warm, enlightening experience that provides peace, clarity, energy and pleasure. It releases tension and is suitable for everyone.



Session options

Every session is unique and custom made

Custom made, including intake and 21% VAT and can always be expanded.


60 MIN


Energetic cleaning


3x 60 MIN


Energetic cleansing sessions + energy readings and coaching


Energetic cleansing


Cleanse yourself and your home energetically

The advantages

  • Discharges tension
  • Complaints on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic level such as fears or pain complaints can be greatly reduced or even disappear completely.
  • Your energy can flow freely again, you feel fitter, more vital and healthier after a number of sessions
  • You really come into contact with yourself and can therefore connect better with others.
  • It is a warm, enlightening experience that provides peace, clarity, energy and pleasure

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you still want to know

What happens during a session?

We first have a chat before the session starts. When we start, you may lie on the treatment bed on your back. You will receive a nice blanket if desired for extra comfort. You close your eyes, soothing music is on, you are working in your energetic energy field. There is almost no touching, only sometimes for specific places such as pressure points, specific complaints or chakras. There is energetic cleansing. After the session we will have a chat with a cup of tea or water and you will receive tips

Specific complaint?

If you have a specific complaint, we can certainly work on this in a targeted manner. That part is then specifically included in the treatment. When we treat a specific complaint, keep in mind that it is advised not to shower for the first 24 hours so that you can continue to work on your energy level. After the 24 hours you can take a shower.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. You just keep everything on and you get a blanket for extra warmth and comfort. You can also just come after work or in your daily outfit. Do what feels right for you

How many sessions?

After 1 session you can be completely satisfied. It may also be that you want to delve deeper and really need to let go on a deeper level. Then I recommend that you do multiple sessions or continue with LEAP in addition to this session format. Know that every session is different for everyone. It’s all about embodying the energy, being yourself and continuing to evolve.

What is the best thing to do after a session?

After a session, custom made information/tips will be shared with you. It is especially important to listen to your body, ground yourself, and take the time for yourself to feel what you need. Are you tired, rest, feel a lot of energy, feel what you need. You can still feel the energy for the days after a session or longer. Give yourself integration time. It is also wise not to shower for the first 24 hours, as previously explained in the specific complaint.

Do you have any more questions?

Feel free to contact me, love to chat and answer your questions!

Do you want to feel fit and energetic?

Would you like to book an energetic cleansing, or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us!