Human Design

Get to know and live your design

Aren’t we all looking for ourselves? Sometimes you hear people say that this will be a tough journey and that you will first have to get all tied up in order to discover how you want to feel or not. Do you want to know how to live your life with the least resistance? Human Design helps you with that

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that provides insight into your qualities and pitfalls. It shows you how you are programmed, so to speak, and what makes you unique as a person. In addition, it also shows what suits you best. This system can be used as a tool to become the best version of yourself, namely yourself! Being your true pure self from your core to function optimally and enjoy life, your life.

Human Design is a combined model that incorporates the most important spiritual teachings such as astrology, the chakra system, I-Ching, Kabbalah and science. Now you may be thinking, science? That’s right because the system also works with quantum physics, biochemistry, genetics and astronomy. It is an incredibly complex system, which combines the most important and often age-old insights from both the Western and Eastern world. It gives us the most advanced and detailed insight into how humans work: ourselves. How beautiful is that! A model in which the natural (science) and the supernatural come together in one place. Maybe all those complex terms are making you dizzy now. Don’t worry, I will explain everything to you in a very simple, easy to understand way. I can give you the basics of Human Design. If your foundation is strong, you can continue to build from there.


You are unique

And you have your own role in this life

Everyone, every person, is truly unique! What are we taught from an early age, what is expected of us? We have to be good at everything and we all pursue roughly the same goal for a long time, sometimes for life. We all want a good job, a nice house, a nice relationship, a tight body like the social beauty ideal, traveling the world, a social life and much more. We adapt like a chameleon because we are afraid of being ‘different’ or simply don’t know any better.

Human Design assumes that every person is unique and has their own role in the whole. This role is determined at the time of birth. This absolutely does NOT mean that your role and perhaps fate have already been determined. Sometimes you have unconsciously taken on a role that does not actually suit you, because it exhausts you, costs you energy and then you will feel more and more resistance. I assume you would much rather experience balance, pleasure, peace, energy and flow? How nice would it be to be and live your own unique design, your true essence?


What can I do with Human Design?

A unique manual about yourself

You can see this blueprint of yourself as a manual. This helps you find answers to important questions such as who am I, where are my strengths and where are my pitfalls? It is a basis from which you can continue to experiment independently or receive guidance.

You don’t have to believe anything for it. You don’t have to take anything as truth. You don’t have to stare blindly at it. Look at the suggestions, what can you do with it and what do you want to do with it. What is what you want, what do you want to feel and what are your personal goals. What do you want to achieve and with those goals you look at your design. Think of it like a navigation system.

So… how can I use it?

You find the way to yourself

As I mentioned, think of it as a navigation system that can help you find your way back to yourself. Of course you can (try to) find your way to yourself, with a compass or an old school map. However, a navigation system is faster, easier and clearer.

Speaking of navigating, let’s take a bus as an example. Who is behind the wheel of your bus (which symbolizes you and your life). And does your steering wheel take you in the direction that you do or don’t want? You decide which way you go, which road you take or not. You are the driver, the owner and writer of yourself and your life. You decide, Human Design does not impose anything on you, but challenges you to embark on a journey of discovery with yourself, step by step, about what works and what does not work for you. You can use it to experiment with and especially to become the best version of yourself, the pure real you, simply yourself.

How to calculate a personal design?

Your unique design can be calculated based on your date of birth, time and place. Also called your unique blueprint. This blueprint provides insights about you, who you are in the core, the pure basis and is therefore a tool for self-development. This blueprint consists of nine centers and 64 gates and 36 different channels. I’m going to go into depth on the basics because if your base is strong, you can handle anything, build from there and always be able to expand.

What does your Human Design (blueprint) show

  • Type: To which of the 5 types you belong.
  • Strategy: Which strategy suits you.
  • Inner authority: How you can make the best choices.
  • Profile: What role you are destined for in this life and how you can live your life together with others.
  • Definition: How energy moves between you and the other and also what you are looking for in the other.
  • Incarnation cross: Why you are here, personal or worldly mission.
  • Not-self theme: What emotion you feel when you don’t live your design and what doesn’t suit you.
  • Nine centers: both the colored and the open centers that play a role in your life (Qualities, possible pitfalls and points for development)

What makes Human Design unique?

A look into your deepest self

This blueprint gives a glimpse into your deepest self. Unlike other tools and systems that work the other way around. There are of course an infinite number of tools and possible sessions such as hypnosis that provide insight into the unconscious and conscious patterns that we have developed in our lives over the years. We can change or let go of these limiting beliefs. Human Design works from within. It’s about who you are inside, that’s where everything starts, here is your strong foundation.

As you may notice it is quite a complicated and complex system. For this reason, everything is worked out in detail for you. You will receive a detailed version of your blueprint which will give you many tools and insights. A true manual. With this you can get started yourself, step by step, investigate what works and what doesn’t. It’s about experimenting and experiencing what works and then moving on. You are the boss what you want to take and let go. You only need one thing and that is an open attitude. This means that you are open and therefore curious to find out who you are. From your blueprint you or we can work to bring out your true essence so that you can shine. You can live your best life, because you deserve it.

‘Just’ listen to your feelings

You have probably heard or thought to yourself: ‘just’ listen to your feeling and ‘just’ be yourself. Something about, easier said than done? Because it all seems so easy to feel ‘normal’ and be yourself… but why is this so difficult for many? This is actually because we live in a constantly changing world where our role is ever-changing.

Let’s start with who we are. That is actually inseparable from our environment. Maybe if you are reading this there is a chance that it is sometimes difficult for you to feel who you are, which emotions are yours, what belongs to the other, which choices you make because you want to deep down or because you (unconsciously) thinks this is what your environment expects of you.

From childhood, your environment has already influenced who you are. All your experiences, positive or negative, form your frames. We learn what is right and wrong, how to behave in order to be successful or to gain approval from another. This is all learned behavior, or conditioning.
I would like to use the example of an onion. An onion has many layers, and the core of the onion is who you are deep down. The outer shell reflects what you show of yourself. The layers in between contain a combination of conscious and unconscious patterns and persuasion. And stand between your deepest core and what you show to the outside world. Are you ready to peel back the layers and be your true you who you essentially are?s

Human Design options

Choose for what you need

All options are 1 on 1 and can always be expanded to include more coaching sessions (worth €180, incl 21% VAT). Each package is custom made just for you. You will become acquainted with your personal Human Design through an e-book specially developed for you. You get to know yourself better, how you can make the best decisions and what your pitfalls and qualities are. You will learn what makes you unique and how you can make your dreams and goals a reality. Human Design gives you insight into how your energy works, which gives you more confidence in yourself.



(Online) reading


E-book + (Online) reading


My experience

Is something wrong with me?

The world we live in is a place where we have to be good at EVERYTHING. The school systems are set up for this, everyone must meet the same standard. We have to be able to count well and speak/write languages at a very young age. You have to be able to do everything, so if you can’t keep up with one thing, what then? Insufficient, you take extra lessons, work harder, but what if you just don’t get better at it? Or what if you can’t sit quietly at a table, daydreaming in class, daydreaming, getting distracted? Then you will be given a diagnosis and prescribed medication.

How is this for a child? Complicated because ‘is there something is wrong with me’. This entails uncertainties, limitation and blockages. Don’t get me wrong, of course a diagnosis or medication can be helpful and sometimes not. From my own experience I have been diagnosed with ‘concentration disorder’ with medication to focus. After years taking the medication I decided to stop and trust on my gut feeling according to my Human Design, how my energy works. Following this I feel so much more connected every day. Every time you choose your feeling, the feeling that knows what’s right and good for you, that’s so powerful and nice!

Making choices from our mind is taught at school. Thinking ‘logically’. What if your design, your energy works very differently and you don’t resonate with the head thinking. Even more interesting, I’ve worked out so much design for people and haven’t met a single head thinker. We are all unique with our qualities and open centers, which some call pitfalls, but I really only see powers. I found out about my open centers, those so-called ‘pitfalls’ and have made powers out of them. Vulnerability and openness is powerful.

Our life energy resides in our core and then manifests on the outside (think of the onion). This movement of energy is most powerful when the inside and outside match. When there is distance between our core and outside, we are less and less connected to ourselves. See your energy, who you are, as a waterfall. If the water flows down in a straight line, the current will be strongest. When there are all kinds of detours, obstacles, blockages, there will be less and less water left until one day the water stops flowing. Then you literally stand still, you are up and you no longer in flow. You were not made to be like everyone else. You were made to be yourself, your true essence who you are at the core. How beautiful is it to be yourself? Get up in the morning with energy and look forward to your day, persevere and enjoy it. Do you choose yourself? I do now and I feel and trust my gut feeling, every day a bit more, on my sacred energy. I wish you this too!

Do you want to discover your Human Design?