Energetic Hypnosis

Mind blowing presentations

How would it be like if you were free of everything that no longer serves you. Free of even the things that are in development, what you carry with you every day and just be free of. It’s all possible. In a state of hypnosis, we have direct contact with the subconscious mind and are in complete relaxation. In this relaxed state of being you find who you really are. Your true essence, what you really feel and need. Thanks to hypnosis, we are capable of remarkable mind blowing presentatons. We can work more quickly and efficient on ourselves on a deeper level and really be in touch with yourself on both a conscious and intuitive level. Without hassle or endless therapy, we can effectively clean up in body, mind, heart and soul. Ready to be happy and enjoy everything in your life?

What is energetic hypnosis?

Energetic work is done through the energy field (aura) that we have around us. We work with the energy centers, energy pathways (chakras and meridians) through which energy flows. Energy is a wide concept because everything consists of visible and ‘invisible’ energy. Thanks to energy work, work can be done on a deeper level. When we energetic clean and thanks to hypnosis, which is also called a trance, there is the possibility to let go of conscious thinking. This allows you to get in touch with your subconscious. This is used in hypnosis therapy and is one of the oldest forms of psychotherapy.

The feeling of trance is similar to daydreaming or a deep meditation. You can actually describe it as a state of deep relaxation and inward attention and focus. You can easily respond to suggestions and connect with the deeper layers of your subconscious. This while you just consciously stay there and are the boss of your own doings. Your awareness and power over your own thoughts and feelings become stronger.

In hypnosis therapy there are various methods and techniques to integrate and that is what makes it such a powerful tool. It depends on your need what you need in the moment in the session. This can be inner work such as emotional release, inner child, shadow work, correcting and improving conditioning and beliefs regarding yourself and your environment, regression therapy, past life regression, fears, trauma, bereavement, self-image improvement or working on your dreams and goals (manifestation). The best thing about working with hypnosis is that the solution is always found by yourself. I’m just giving you a framework within which you can safely find your own path in the way that feels right for you. I think it is extremely important that you feel safe and comfortable.

Session options

Each session is costumized

Costum-made, including intake and 21% VAT and can always be expanded and is included with aftercare through check-in moments and tailor-made advice.




  • Zoom intake
  • Online hypnosis session
  • 2 weeks after the session a Zoom check-in moment
  • Costum-made tips/advice




  • Zoom intake
  • Real life in person hypnosis session
  • 2 weeks after the session a Zoom check-in moment
  • Costum-made tips/advice




  • Zoom intake
  • Multiple physical and/or online sessions
  • Multiple Zoom check-in moments
  • Costum-made tips/advice

The advantages
of hypnosis

  • You go beyond thinking and tackle issues at the source. The source of many issues is in our subconscious
  • Is widely applicable for many different issues, phobias, fears on a psychological, emotional and physical level.
  • Has a quick effect and is often noticeable after just a sessions. We often recommend several sessions, possibly in alternation with other methods
  • Gives you the opportunity to really clean up (energetically) within yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself
  • Tips and tricks to deal with your emotions in a healthy way.
  • You get your ownership and awareness back on your life because you are the most important person in your life, the writer of your story.
  • You really come in contact with yourself and can therefore connect better with others.
  • We work on your self-image, goals and dreams

Discover the experiences of others

My hypnosis session with Lara was a huge success. I got a warm welcome. I received first some questions about where I wish to work on. Lara took me on a journey through my childhood and my life. I was allowed to let go, give things a place and embrace the little girl in myself.
I wish everyone this experience, to get closer to yourself and your subconscious. It has given me a lot in life since the hypnosis I also sleep much better. I will definitely go again!


Working in healthcare

Lara worked her magic on me, it was a very special experience. I felt super safe with Lara. She helped me process unconscious blockages. I experience much more space within myself and now also in my daily life since the hypnosis sessions.

I am forever grateful for this experience and would definitely recommend to do a session with dear Lara!



I experienced hypnosis as a amazing experience in which I could let go of certain things that I would otherwise not know how to let go of. Hypnosis was a nice way for me where you can really get everything you would like to get in peace. Lara guides in a calm and nice way, making the experience even more special. She gives confidence and she is very positive. I would definitely recommend others to do a session at ‘Samen de Praktijk’. As I mentioned before, it was a amazing and special experience!


Residential counselor & Tattoo apprentice

Frequently asked questions

Everything you still want to know about hypnosis

Am I losing control?

Do we have control over ourselves? When we have that I can tell you that you will regain ownership and awareness of yourself and your life. In a hypnosis session you are simply aware of it. You are in control of your own actions and you cannot lose control. Hypnosis is a state of powerfull focus that you do yourself. Just like you can get lost in a book or suddenly lose track of time because you are in the flow. In addition, hypnosis gives you more insight and focus on your life, because you will solve your issues.

Am I going to do crazy things like in movies?

Absolutely not! That will not happen. This kind of thing is only in shows and movies. I am an energetic hypnosis therapist and guide you in effectively clearing and releasing blockages and fears.

Do I always come out of hypnosis?

Yes always, just like you always come out of a daydream moment. After the session we drink a glass of water and we have a discussion afterwards. You can then land again and then leave fresh and free to go home.

Will I go into hypnosis?

You can teach your brain to go into trance and get better at it, just like deep meditation. The depth of a hypnosis differs per person and that’s okay. We are all different, we are unique and so is our personal journey under hypnosis. In fact, anyone can go into hypnosis. It is important that you really want to go under hypnosis to work on yourself.

What is the best thing to do after a session?

After a session, tailor-made information/tips will be shared with you. It is especially important to listen to your body, ground yourself, take time for yourself to feel what you need. Are you tired, rest, feel a lot of energy, feel what you need. You can still feel the energy the days after a session or longer. Give yourself integration time.

How many sessions?

After 1 session you can be completely satisfied. It may also be that you want to delve into your process. Then I advise you to do several sessions or continue with LEAP in addition to hypnosis therapy. Know that every session is different for everyone. It’s all about embodying the energy, being yourself and continuing to evolve.

Do you want to be your true self?

Do you want to book a hypnosis session, or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!