Cacao Ceremony

Learn to listen to your inner voice

In a cacao ceremony there will be pure raw cacao that you will in a drink in a ceremonial way. The focus is on opening the heart, setting intentions and goals from a relaxated state. Your strength and love will flow freely. It’s a deep, loving journey in which you can come home to yourself, in your pure being. You connect with your heart thanks to the power of the plant medicine cacao. A wonderful way to come back from your head into your body, heart and to connect with your soul. This way you can release blockages, negative thoughts, patterns and beliefs and move from fear to love and gratitude.

Thanks to this ultimate heart opener you can really connect with your authentic essence, your body and intuition. You can stand in your own strength, feel from a place of love and compassion. Thanks to the ceremony in combination with the raw cacao you can get more answers and insights into yourself and your life. You get more energy from the cacao and creativity can flow again. Let mama cacao take you on this journey within

Why raw cacao?

Centuries ago, the Maya’s made a powerful magical drink from raw cacao. The word cacao comes from the Maya word Ka’kau n Chokola’j which means drinking chocolate together. Indigenous tribes have connected to cacao for thousands of years through rituals and ceremonies to communicate with our inner wisdom, activating energy within and around us in the world. Cacao is the ultimate heart opener to be able to ground and to completely just BE.

The effect of cacao has been rediscovered and is now seen as a super food. Raw cacao is packed with vitamins, minerals and increases blood flow. It can help your body heal, detoxify and give a huge boost to the immune system. In addition, cacao provides a euphoric feeling. This is due to the substance serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone. Raw cacao also contains tryptophan, which naturally improves your mood, reduces stress and helps to relax. There is also phenylethylamine, a body’s own substance that can give the feeling of love and being in love. It also contains magnesium, which gives a boost to your muscles and the transmission of nerve impulses. In addition to raw cacao, it also contains herbs such as pure cayenne pepper that allow the cacao to do its job even better. In short, a super powerful cup full of love and a lot of health benefits!

The cacao used during the ceremonies I organize originates from Peru from my friend Nathalie her personal brand Kakalina Kakao. Personally, I find it very important to know where the cacao comes from. I would like to know if everything is really pure and honest. The intention already starts in the cultivation of the cocoa: in the growth, picking, grinding, packaging and the journey to the Netherlands. The reason I wish to know where the cacao comes from is because I feel which spirit is desired at which ceremony. Cacao has a spirit and its own taste and should be treated with respect. It is an honor to work with this wonderful magical medicine.

How does a cacao eremony go?

And what you can expect

We come together to connect, this can be done in person, 1 on 1 in a private session or in a group. The options can be found below. What corresponds with both options is that the base is the same. I work with the plant medicine raw ceremonial cacao. We use ancient rituals to open the heart, to connect with our heart, creativity, life energy and strength. Coming home to yourself from connection to your heart and intuition.

Options for a cacao ceremony




This ceremony has been developed especially for you. You connect with your inner being and your heart. Cacao is a heart opener and you will really learn to listen to your heart, feeling, intuition and your inner strength. In this 2 hour ceremony you will drink cacao, experience rituals, journal, share, pull an insight card and receive a visualization meditation. In addition to the experience and insights, you will also receive tips and tools for your daily life. It’s a gift to yourself that you deserve because you are worth it!



During a cacao ceremony in a group, besides drinking and honoring the ceremonial cacao, there is also a sharing circle, cards are pulled, there may be assignments, rituals and there is always a visualization meditation applied with sound healing and energetic work. Each ceremony is unique and can have a theme such as the Full Moon, New Moon, Inner Child, Regression, Grounding, Chakras, etc. A ceremony lasts 2 to 3 hours.

The advantages
of cacao

  • Raw cacao is packed with vitamins and minerals such as: serotonin (happiness hormone), tryptophan (reduce relaxation and stress), phenylethylamine and magnesium
  • Helps detoxify the body thanks to the antioxidants and gives your immune system a huge boost
  • Helps you come into your power
  • Helps with intentions, dreams and goals 
  • It gives energy, creativity starts to flow.
  • You feel more motivated, more productive and more positive.
  • Has a grounding effect.

Discover the experiences of others

The cacao ceremony was a special experience! There was a warm, free, safe and beautiful atmosphere! The cacao ceremony was a totally new experience for me, never done anything like it before! It created peace in my mind & body for me. And a moment of being completely in the NOW. Something I now think back to every day, to return even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life to the peace I felt there and is actually always in me and you. New experiences are always enriching and this ceremony certainly was!

Liefs Renske


 Every ceremony is another enchantment, so magical, a journey that brings you closer to yourself every time. When I am with you I always feel so much peace, love and appreciation. This balances me out and makes me feel at ease again. The ceremonies that you guide are always well laid out, clear and very nicely guided. The cacao is delicious and finely prepared with herbs and lovely to drink

I am more than proud of you. I love you my piece of gold. Seeing you is always a treat!

Liefs Miranda

Owner Silver Lioness Vintage

Thank you dear darling for another special moment full of surrender. I was even better able to accept myself after this ceremony. Being less strict with myself and feeling and naming my limits from a loving place.

I am more open with a heart full of love to receive and give. I can’t wait for the next ceremony. Thank you! Namaste

Liefs Carla

Holistic Caregiver

Frequently asked questions

Everything you still want to know about cacao

What is the difference between raw cacao (for ceremonies) and cacao powder from the supermarket?

The cacao used in the ceremony is from Kakalina Kakao and is kept in it’s purest form for a powerful effect. The powder in the store is processed so that it is easy to dissolve. To make cacao powder it must be separated from the cacao butter, this is done under high hydraulic pressure. The residues that then remain are finely ground into the cacao powder, which is therefore less powerful.

Can you drink cacao daily?

Cacao is safe to drink daily, always listen to your body to feel what suits you best. The effects of cacao can be quite subtle and have a longer lasting effect.

Does raw cacao have side effects / medication?

Cacao can have a slightly drying effect because it has a detoxifying effect. Drinking water is therefore super important! In addition, a higher dose can be heavy on the stomach. It can be nice not to eat too heavily beforehand. Listen carefully to your own body in this. However, it is important if you use antidepressants or other medication types like this to consult with the doctor in advance because of the the cacao may have a contraindication. It is also important to take into account that cacao makes your heart beat faster, so if you have heart problems, we also advise you to consult with your doctor. This will be asked again before the ceremony starts, it is your responsibility to share honestly so that we can all be safe during the ceremony.

Can children also drink cacao?

Yes, but in a smaller dose. A child is smaller than an adult. A child will also like it better with more plant based milk and this also softens and relieves the effect of the cacao. Feeling is important, both the child and the parent. In addition, if your child has health problems, we recommend that you always consult your doctor if you have specific questions about this.

Can you drink cacao while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Cacao contains caffeine and theobromine to a small extent, which provides a stimulating effect. It is advised to consume a smaller dose of cacao during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The cacao has many benefits that you can benefit from as a pregnant woman or a woman who has just given birth. It gives extra strength and positive energy. We recommend that you always consult your doctor if you have specific questions about this.

What outfit to wear during a ceremony?

What you feel comfortable and comfortable in. Always nice to bring a sweater or nice socks if you get cold quickly. Sometimes you lie still for a while and then you can cool down. It is important that you can relax completely, so you should adjust your outfit choice accordingly.

Do you want to participate in a cacao ceremony?

Or do you have another question? Feel free to contact me!