Intuitive art from the soul

Be yourself and express yourself

Since I was child I had a very active inner world and I lived intuitively. I always wanted express creatively. With my hands in the paint, in my hair, everything got covered. I remember that when I was little that I wanted to be an artist. My area of interest has developed over the years in the artistic field. I started making artistic work by expressing myself on canvas. Making works that are about expressing emotions, learning to be in the moment and expressing yourself. My work is also about enjoying, continuing to play and dance. Intuitive paintings and stories of the soul arose from dancing. When you get older you sometimes lose that part, enjoying, playing and dancing. It seems like you forget how to do it or you simply don’t take the time anymore. In the HBO study of Visual Arts and Design in Education that I completed, I did a year of research into this art form and I still do this a lot. Here I found my passion, expressing myself through movement in the arts. I think it’s great to share this with others to inspire them. I share by exhibiting and selling my works. You can buy existing works on my Instagram account Studio.Laar or by sending me an email. Also u can make an appointment to visit my atelier to view te artworks in real life. You can also have works made by me customized to your soul. I also give workshops and masterclasses in what I do. U will learn the techniques I use, to learn to express on canvas and in real life.

About my art

In the past, everything and i quote ‘had to be beautiful or perfect’. Especially my own opinion was a critical one on myself and the opinions of others were important. I have learned now that if you do not attach yourself to the result of your actions, but to the process, the experience, the feeling and enjoying the present moment. Then you can experience eternal peace and calmness within.

For me, my artistic work is about finding space in myself and my surroundings. About the movement, the dance of the material and the expression of my emotions. It’s about being in the moment in the gestures I make. I start a dialogue with the material, a connection, a journey and get to know all about it. The title of my 2022 exhibited work was Shinrin-Yoku which is Japanese and means ‘Bathing in the Forest’. This is said in Japan to describe the feeling of relaxation when you are in nature. That you go to the forest or a place with the aim of relaxing and improving health.

For me, both physical and mental health are very important. I think it is important for everyone that your body mind and soul are in balance. My exhibited work of 2023 was about the dance and intimacy between souls and the canvas. That we can enjoy everything in life, really the smallest things, together and alone. In my work I feel radiant, playing and dancing across the canvas. You can let yourself be carried away. Express yourself. Disappear in a trance of peace and movement. I have found myself in my process and a form in which I can express myself. I have allowed myself to be myself, accepted myself and enjoy creating. I experience peace and joy. I also wish you to do or experience this by looking at a work of art that resonates with you or is specially made for you.

Get yourself

A unique intuitive art piece



You can buy various existing works from me (A6 to A2 size) with and without a frame. Together we can see what you are looking for.




Artistically unique artwork specially customized to your soul with an intuitive message passed on through your soul, specially developed for you


in consultation

U can invite me for a workshop for your group or for a masterclass at a event, festival, school or other location. Learn about expressing, intuition, soul art, connecting with yourself and how I did this whole process in the arts

Facts about the art

  • It is intuitive artistic work that goes beyond thinking. There is a connection with the soul, the subconscious and energy.
  • Various techniques, knowledge of the material East Indian Ink is applied
  • Let yourself be taken on a journey of different feelings, movements that dance across the paper
  • Connecting with work allows you to learn to play and enjoy the moment
  • The artistic work is made by the artist himself or specially tailored to your soul as a buyer, here is also a special letter with message tailored to you and the artwork
  • You can also have a tattoo design made and I can connect you with a tattoo artist who can do this ceremonially especially for you.

Discover the experiences of others

I see the simplicity and the space, the black shifts. It looks like the old Japanese calligraphic. Dancing characters. A dance across your papers. I see the character in the works. You show ‘you don’t have to go fast, you can slow down’. The movements are spontaneous, your work is strong.Your work is art


Artist (Painter)

In your works I see very strongly that it is about the gesture. The physical action of making. The empty plane  of the canvas calls and you maintain the emptiness so well. You enter into a dialogue with the material. The calligraphic play of lines and the fact that you strive for it to appear more or less unconsciously to your eyes as you act, appeals to me.


Teacher of HBO education in Visual Arts and Design

I bought your beautiful art works without a frame. I myself put it in a frame that matches my interior. The work hangs in a prominent place in the house. We get a lot of questions about it and we really like that. Your work is touching us and others, we thank you for this. You take people on a dancing adventure with lines of symbols and signs. We keep looking and discovering


Artist & Art buyer

Are you interested?