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Lara Jeanne
de Vries

Discover my story

From a young age I was active with intuitive living. At the age of 16 I became acquainted with energetic hypnosis and energetic cleansing. In 2021 I could call myself one of the youngest hypnosis theraspists in the Netherlands and Belgium. By getting acquainted with Human Design and obtaining various extra certificates within hypnosis therapy, I was able to deepen myself even more. Age doesn’t matter to me. Experience, knowledge, method and real deep feeling and connecting are. As a trained cacao ceremony leader (medicine woman) I spread my love for this sacred plant medicine. I like to develop, increase my knowledge and grow personally and professionally so that I can guide and support people even better in their journey. As a trained Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process Facilitator (LEAP, also known as Kundalini Activation) I have gained even more depth in myself and my holistic energetic working method. I spread an energetically transformative healing process with love. Everything I do is from a place of light and love.

Still incredibly grateful every day

You may be here, just the way you are

As an expert also based on a lot of experience in various fields, I feel and know what it is to let go. To let go of built-up walls of limiting beliefs and fears and to really start to feel it all. Feeling really means that you approach everything that comes up on your path with confidence, openness and dare to embrace from love and gratitude. I am still very grateful every day that I took the steps on my path to my own essence, to who I really am.

My wish for you is that you may also experience this for yourself. Peeling off layers, getting space in your life, that you may be there just as you are, in your essence. That you live your passions and dreams. Nothing is more valuable than being yourself, being accepted and loved by yourself. When you experience how valuable you are, then you can create an environment where you can be yourself. Where you can get even more out of yourself, live your full potential and go live all that you ever dreamed of. U need to know, this will not happen in one day because it’s a process. I also still develop every day and I wish for you this too.

I have a holistic energetic method. I see you for who you really are and you can be there just as you are. Really everything from you can be there: body, mind, heart and soul. My goal is to support you in letting go of everything that no longer serves you so that there is room for you. Space to shine. You in connection with your core, intuition and inner strength. Your dreams and goals are never too big!

I have completely chosen my dream

I learned a lot at a young age through trial and error. A lot has happened in my life that has shaped me into who I am today and that includes, besides being a qualified therapist in various modalities, that I am also an artist. I am also a certified media designer in art & design, teacher of visual arts and artist specialized in creating expressive intuitive abstract soul based art. The last years I have worked alongside Samen de Praktijk as an art teacher and supervisor. Now I have chosen to go completely for my dream! I chose Samen de Praktijk. That is my business name. If u translate it to English it s Together the Practice. This means that I get to work with very beautiful people like maybe you to live your dream as well in your full potential. It feels so nice to be myself, in my power, living from a strong intuitive connection.

I guide intuitively and with method so that you learn to trust your intuition and stand in your own power. Are you ready to be so strongly rooted as yourself that no one can disturb your inner peace, strength and intuition? Being completely connected with yourself, your intuition and taking your steps in your way on your terms. Living your live passions, goals and dreams becoming reality. You in your full potential. Can you already imagine it? Well, I can assure you, I do!

Little facts about me

get to know me a bit better

  • Ever since I was a little girl I (still do by the way) brought food to stray dogs and cats on the beach or came home with injured birds. My parents didn’t think that was cool.
  • In love with sunbeams, whatever the season, the sun makes me happy.
  • I love walking, going into nature and being amazed by the beauty. We often forget to really look around us.
  • The sea gives me a feeling of freedom. I feel so alive, really a feeling of coming home.
  • In addition to being trained as a therapist, I was also trained as an artist, teacher of visual arts and design, and media designer. I made my corporate identity and visuals like my logo and business cards myself and I sell intuitive art.
  • I am a busy bee: doing several things at once. Just like Human Design shows, it’s part of me.
  • I really enjoy giving visualization meditations, you will receive this almost every session from me that you book!
  • Every day is a chocolate kinda day! Ever since I was little I loved and respected cacaocita and her spirit
  • Family and friends mean the world to me, the deep connections are so special and I am so grateful for all those beautiful souls that I can cal my soulfamily

Enough about me

I’m curious about who you are and can’t wait to meet and to guide you on your journey