In balance with your pure authentic essence

Beneath all the layers of conditioning, experiences and stories that have been built up over the years, there is still the pure you. Who you are in the core of your being. With all your unique qualities and powers. In all types of sessions I offer we will let go of everything u need anymore and make space for you to be in power. My goal is that you can move freely and be who you are in essence. How would it feel if you were completely comfortable with your mind, body, heart and soul? That you can build your dream life, live and enjoy every second of it on your unique path. I see you. I see you shining as your pure authentic self.

“Nil nequit amore, oftewel, Love can do everything!”


By peeling off layers of conditioning, beliefs, trauma and fear you will let go. You go through different phases of processing, grief and lots of love. There is an effective cleaning in your body, mind and soul. You awaken your unique authentic true self, who you essentially are so that you can stand for who you are

Cacao Ceremonies

Raw cacao is an ancient ultimate heart opener that connects you during ceremonies with yourself, your heart and spirit. Thanks to the power of the plant medicine cacao you can work on your intentions and dreams. You are in the moment in a relaxed state of being. You can get answers and insights to your deepest questions


Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process (LEAP) is an energetic transmission on the mat. It’s about your own life energy. It is a direct transfer of life energy that activates a deep awakening process within you, also known as Kundalini or Kundalini Shakti awakening. Are you ready for this amazing inner journey of healing yourself from within?

You will be the greatest project you will ever work on

 What is the right fit for me?

We will find this out, together

To find out what really suits you, we can schedule a Zoom meeting (intake) where we have video call. We get acquainted and discover what suits you best. The questions I ask you give us a good idea of what you are looking for, what you wish to let go of and what you wish to do with this new space in your life. We look at your dreams and goals and what you are going for. The total image of who you essentially are comes to the center. From here I can advise you which session or specially made in a package for you is fitting. Everything is custom made especially for you because everyone is unique and therefore your session will be unique.

This is me,

Lara Jeanne de Vries

From a young age I was active with intuitive living. At the age of 16 I became acquainted with energetic hypnosis and energetic cleansing. In 2021 I could call myself one of the youngest hypnosis therapists in the Netherlands and Belgium. By getting acquainted with Human Design and obtaining various extra certificates within hypnosis therapy, I was able to deepen myself even more. Age doesn’t matter to me. Experience, knowledge, method and real deep feeling and connecting are. As a trained cacao ceremony leader (medicine woman) I spread my love for this sacred plant medicine. I like to develop, increase my knowledge and grow personally and professionally so that I can guide and support people even better in their journey. As a trained Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process Facilitator (LEAP, also known as Kundalini Activation) I have gained even more depth in myself and my holistic energetic working method. I spread an energetically transformative healing process with love. Everything I do is from a place of light and love.

Upcoming events

Are you in for a journey?


Elke woensdag avond een heerlijke ontspannen meditatie les. In deze week breker nodig ik jou uit om echt alles even lost te laten. Laat je meenemen in een meditatie zodat je jouw heel lichaam kunt ontspannen. Je gaat vanuit je hoofd naar je hart en landen in je lichaam. Na de les ben je weer volledig opgeladen zodat je ook de tweede helft van de week optimaal kunt stralen.

  Woensdag 13 dec 20:30-21:30


 De Studio, Legedyk 4 Leeuwarden (gratis parkeren)

Are you ready to really choose yourself?